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Name/Handle: Ruka
Contact: rukafais on plurk
Reference: Alice/Megaman EXE player
Other characters: N/A

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Personal reference so I know what battlechips he has.
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Name: Ruka
Contact Info: rukafais @ plurk
Other Characters Played: Nope!
Requested apartment: with series castmates if possible, but otherwise no preference really

Character Name: Elecman.EXE
Canon: Rockman EXE
Canon Point: Post-series.
Background/History: Basic overview since the anime page is basically a list of episodes and voice actors, but he's mainly coming from the anime.

Elecman hijacks a train along with his netop Count Elec, tries to steal game data, is thwarted by Rockman, etc. After his participation in the N1 Grand Prix, where he was severely injured and later healed, he didn't show up nearly as much. He falls in with the rest of World Three in just kind of chilling out and working in a curry shop.

He's later present in Net City after it's been swarmed with viruses under the orders of Gospel, searching for Fireman along with his other teammates; it doesn't go well, and Fireman is deleted. He gets in little fistfights with Magnetman, since his operator and Magnetman's operator are brothers who have a troubled family history and really do not get along. This rivalry reaches its breaking point in the season finale, where Elecman, along with the rest of World Three, aids Rockman and friends in finding Gospel, the rampaging virus beast hell bent on destroying the Net. The only World Three member who refuses to stop fighting once Wily's role as head of the Gospel organisation is revealed due to Magnetman's presence, he sacrifices himself to eliminate Magnetman as an obstacle and finally win out over his 'brother'.

He comes back later with no explanation in Axess, but it can be assumed that he was restored from backup data with no trouble. Like the other World Three members, he goes back to just helping in the curry shop and generally hanging around; he and his operator play an extremely minor role and can be assumed to just be doing really mundane things and living peacefully.

In Stream, this trend continues, though Elecman shows up along with his operator in order to rescue Tesla, Gauss' daughter and therefore Count Elec's niece. However, at the end of the season Duo just kind of destroys Earth and then restores it, so Elecman basically only remembers Regal's distribution of Dark Chips and will have second-hand vague knowledge of any Duo-related and Asteroid Navi-related events from Dingo and Tomahawkman.

Personality: Serious and sensible...mostly. Elecman is used to shouldering responsibility, and doesn't mind it. He's used to being independent, though he's not too comfortable with leadership positions; he's prickly about being bossed around, but he doesn't want to boss other people around either. He prefers to work alone or with his operator, though he can handle a small team of people he trusts - but even then, his competitive streak tends to get in the way and he ends up disregarding any instructions he's given when he's challenged.

Elecman is competent and dedicated to his work; if he's given a task, barring any emotional flareups or other obstacles that might hinder his progress, he'll complete it as swiftly and efficiently as possible. He prefers to do things right the first time - that way he doesn't have to come back and continue to fix it over and over. He's straightforward, but not simple-minded; he selects paths because taking them makes the most sense to him, not because he doesn't see any other paths at all.

Prone to planning ahead and attempting to even the odds (or tip the scales in his favour - he's not picky) as much as possible, what he lacks in raw power he generally makes up for with determination and a persistent urge to forge ahead until the task is completed. He sees value in retreat - he's not especially excited about getting hurt - but when the chips are down and there's no other way, he'll go forward rather than back. Better to try and accomplish something rather than freeze as he is and get nothing done. Though he's capable of strategic planning on the fly, he works better when he has some time to plan ahead before he begins anything. He approaches problems in the manner of a technician; each step is a part slotting into place.

Despite his more serious and collected tendencies, Elecman can be hilariously and aggressively competitive when roused, and he tends to get overconfident and cocky if things are going his way. This can lead to some interesting situations, where he'll often get in over his head after the tables are turned and may just stubbornly refuse to admit he needs help - or express dismay and charge through anyway, faced with no other option. He's most light-hearted in battle or in banter, seemingly freed of responsibilities or overthinking and having to worry about nothing but himself and what he's going to destroy.

He revels in chaos and destruction - at least in a more subtle, mellow way than he used to - and has no qualms with messing with people or destroying things if it produces interesting reactions. He might not go out of his way to do so, but he has a very hard time caring about people unless they catch his interest somehow. Though he has a responsible streak - he's more likely to be helpful if someone reminds him of his operator, for example - he really couldn't care less about most people, and he remains untalkative and generally dismissive in most company. He's blunt and harsh to people he doesn't like, and will often mock them if he dislikes them enough; the angrier they get, the funnier he finds it, in a mean kind of way.

To those he does like, he's prone to gentle and friendly mocking, slightly lessened seriousness, and genuinely relaxed behaviour around them. Just being around those he trusts is usually enough to get him to loosen up a little and put his responsibilities to the back of his mind for a time, though it would be like pulling teeth to get him to actually admit he trusted and liked those people enough. He has trouble expressing positive emotions, and tends to be more stoic than he really feels; harshness and negativity comes more easily to him, something he's not entirely comfortable with.

As a netnavi, Elecman is able to access the cyberworlds of electronic objects such as computers and move around inside them. He sees viruses, firewalls, defensive systems, programs, etc. as physical objects in the cyberworld that he's able to damage or effect; in return, they're able to damage him, if they're capable of it.
Elecman can regenerate using electric charges from an outside source, such as a lightning strike.
He can fly to some extent and float around with no real effort.
He's able to naturally generate electricity by using his pylons and use it in his attacks in the form of energy blasts; for all intents and purposes it behaves like real electricity and if not directed by him once released will ground itself on the nearest available object or person. He can also channel electricity throughout his body and shock people by touching them.
He's able to charge electrically-powered objects and power them. He can't regulate the voltage at which his electricity is set, but it's quite powerful; it means that most electrical objects are at risk of burning out and becoming completely unusable after a short time. This is more useful for destruction than for actually being used as a battery.

- His Progress PET. This has his insignia on it and is something he can enter to recharge himself a little bit, allowing him to slowly heal critical injuries and replenish health via the usage of backup data contained inside it. Progress PETs are able to carry one folder of chips - 30 chips for usage. They also carry the Navi Customiser, which is capable of carrying several programs to boost a navi's abilities.

Battlechips last until they're ejected from the PET or other conditions are met, and cannot be used for two hours afterwards. A battlechip's code dictates whether it can be used with other chips simultaneously; *-coded chips can be used with any other chip.

Battlechip data listing:
Mega Chips:
Magicman V3 - Magic Fire attack that covers a set area. Has a random chance of dealing substantial increased damage upon use.
Fireman V3 - Fire Arm attack sends a torrent of fire in a straight line.

Standard chips:
Elec Sword (E): Turns Elecman's left arm into an electrified sword. Acts like a normal sword would.
Invis (*): Turns Elecman invisible for one minute. Attacks pass through him like he isn't there.
ZapRing (*): Surrounds Elecman with a ring of electricity that disappears after damaging an opponent that touches him.
DashAtk (*): Elecman dashes forward and charges through enemies and obstacles, causing damage.
AreaSteal (*): Elecman shifts forward 20 feet.
Barrier (*): Forms a barrier that nullifies one enemy attack of weak power.
Barrier100 (E): Forms a barrier that nullifies two enemy attacks of moderate power.
Sensor (C): Randomly scans the field to detect enemy movement. When it locks onto a target, it attacks it with electricity.
Recov120 (*): Allows Elecman to recover 120 HP.
Elec+30 (*): Powers up the next chip used if it's an Elec-element chip.
Thunder (*): Lightning strikes an enemy to hurt it. Paralyses an enemy for a short period of time.
Skully (N): Disorients enemy for a short period of time if it hits.
SideBub (E): Spreads bubbles across the field that will catch enemies if touched. Bubbles can be broken by a strong attack. When inside a bubble, enemies will take extra damage from Elecman's lightning attacks.
Timpani (*): Paralyses enemies within hearing range.
Guard (*): Reflects a weak enemy attack.
BblWrap (Y): Wraps enemies within short range in bubbles. When inside a bubble, enemies will take extra damage from Elecman's lightning attacks.
AntiWood (*): If an attack is used on Elecman that involves the use of plant life while this chip is activated, this will backfire and damage the user instead.
Plasma3 (N): Launches electricity in a straight line.
LifeSync (B): Makes the health and general wellbeing of a target match the user's.
Voltz1 (Y): Scans ahead to lock onto a target before attacking it with electricity.
Shakey3 (T): Summons a lightning ball that zigzags around the field before discharging electricity onto a target.
MoonBld1 (E): Elecman appears in front of a target and slices them once before returning to his previous position on the field.
LongSwrd (C): Turns Elecman's left arm into an energy sword with longer range than the Elec Sword.
MagBolt3 x3(C): Shocks an enemy directly ahead of the user.

All three MagBolt chips are needed to initiate the MagShock3 program advance, which drags enemies within a 20-foot radius in front of the user and electrocutes them.

Navi Customiser equipped programs:
Undershirt: Allows Elecman to survive one attack that would have otherwise killed him with a sliver of health.

Various boosts to health and speed.

Sample Entry: Sample here.
Sample Entry Two:

It's raining, a light and bitter drizzle that makes sparks fly off him. It's an interesting sensation; he's never really experienced rain before, not like this.

The weather in this town is dreary, but he can't say he's not used to it. He used to live in a place similar to this, with his operator.


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